REV. 12:11 We Overcome by the Blood of the LAMB and the Words of our Testimonies.


This website, unlike secular media, is dedicated to telling Good News. We aim to glorify God and inspire others by sharing the wonderful things God has done in our lives. Whether it is  a story of salvation, healing, deliverance or a blessing this site wants to hear about it and share it. God has done so many wonderful things for us, and we have an obligation to share his goodness with the world. So if you have a testimony, send me an email, and I will contact you soon.  Email: walker.charles37@yahoo.com

I hope this site is a blessing to you and remember we are Revelation 12:11 Overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Words of our Testimonies.

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Charles Walker : Creator and Writer

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  1. for Rosmary Fisher, Please send me your email and I will send you a copy of my seven books. Reverend Clive Fisher. I am a writer of books and director of Bible School, painter of landscapes and portraits also an ordained minister, (Apostle for the Churches for the last days and International Evangelist. A brother and friend of Rhinehard Bonker, Evangelist.

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