I smoked a lot of weed. One day I decided to go buy $60 worth of it because I couldn’t find another gram of weed I had no matter how much I searched. After buying it I was on the phone with one of my good friends. We met on an online game and just spent years in contact with one another. He used to smoke as well and did everything that boys our age did. We were talking and I told him that I was getting cross-faded or drunk and high, as he was talking to me. He looked at me not with a judgemental face but one of sadness and seriousness. He asked me how I felt about GOD and if I thought what I was doing was right. He then explained to me that it wasn’t good and was a form of witchcraft. I then took all the weed I bought and threw it away. And after that day I’ve been trying to connect to HIM. He lit me on fire and I was burning with passion for HIM. I was reading the BIBLE every day for hours and learning so much. One day while reading the BIBLE, I just looked up and out of nowhere was the weed I couldn’t find. Keep in mind I searched everywhere for it but once I got rid of all my other weed, it just popped up in my face. I took that as a personal attack. The enemy was trying to get me to go back to my old ways which meant I was doing something right. I started to go to this church with my friend from high school. She’s Hispanic and goes to a Hispanic church and she would translate the messages for me. I started going to her church and I also started going to BIBLE STUDY at her house on Mondays. During the BIBLE STUDY is when I started to gain knowledge of who the LORD was because her father is anointed with knowledge and revelation. So one day my she calls me and tells me there’s going to be a prophet at the church tomorrow. This excites me but I’m also very skeptical, so I decided to make some personal prayers and just go with an open mind. Right away when I walked into the church and sat in my normal spot. I’m not looking around much but I’m just kinda viewing the people as they enter and move around and I keep thinking “where’s the Prophet, LORD?” I’m also kinda new at the church and I for sure don’t know everyone that attends the church. But regardless I keep asking GOD in my head while keeping my cool and not looking around too much. All of a sudden this man on the front row turns towards me and we make eye contact at the same time. He stares for about a second and then winks at me. I instantly felt chills and started smiling and asking the LORD “it’s him, isn’t it? Is it him !!” And so the service goes on and then it’s eventually time for the Prophet to talk and he begins to preach. This was his first time at the church but he’s going at it like he’s been there millions of times. He then starts calling people out by name. They come towards the front and some stay at their seat but regardless they receive a WORd from the LORD. This happens until he gets to a lady and he starts saying Kelani. She shakes her head saying no that’s not her name. And he says it again, Kelani. And she says again no that’s not my name. Then he says it again and stares at her. And finally, she says, “THAT’S MY DAUGHTERS NAME!!!” And he said, “This is GOD proof that He is still faithful to you.” Then he points towards me and tells me to stand. I’m still too shocked to realize he’s talking to me so I just point to myself in confusion. The boy in front of me stood up and my heart was pounding. He then said no, you, young man. So I stood up trembling and waited. He then tells me exactly what I prayed for and set me free from a lot of things. And ever since then I’ve known GOD was real and so was the enemy.