Submitted by Justin and Jasmine Hart

Prayer Answered April 2021

Back in March and well before then I’ve been praying for our neighbor. He and his 11 year old daughter have become close friends of ours. So close we have almost become like family.
When the daughter was less than a year old, her mother who is from Liberia was sadly incarcerated due to vehicular homicide and other charges. She was in a car accident as the driver and received a tough penalty. Three of her friends died in the car accident and she has had survivor’s guilt for years now. 
After a decade of being in prison she was finally released to a detention center in 2020. But even in detention centers a person is not truly free. My neighbor and his daughter have been without the love of their life for too long. Just imagine being a young girl and awaiting the day your mother comes home… 
In the month of April I really began to pray for this family to be reunited, hoping it could happen on Easter weekend, but I was off… God’s faithfullness allowed her to be released by the judge the week after Easter as my compassionate wife drove 3 hours just to pick her up and bring her home as a surprise. 
April 12, 2021 was her day of freedom and what a day it was. We have since hung out with her and her family on a daily basis doing what extended families do. It has been a true blessing to be a part of such a wonderful reunion!!
For this we are grateful. This is their Liquid Sunshine. Prayer answered!

Justin and Jasmine Hart