Submitted by Cassie Davis

So, when I was 18 years old because of my desire to have everyone like me and some internal struggles I found myself involved in situations that put my life + freedom at risk. At 19, I was arrested and spent 90 days in jail without a bond. By God’s mercy and grace, I avoided any further jail time, however, I had 11 felonies on my record. Once I became a Christian my life began to transform completely and God began to do many miracles in my life, but I had a record and could not get a job anywhere. Thankfully, he always provided and made a way for me. In January of this year, my record was FULLY EXPUNGED!!! 11 felonies completely wiped off my record. God truly did a miracle, ironically, He did it after providing me with my very own company. The system is jacked up and it really is a hamster wheel most can’t get out of. Felons can’t find jobs, so they repeat offend in order to provide for their families and it is a terrible cycle. My heart in being a business owner is to be able to provide jobs for felons and eventually help women with felonies or sorted pasts create their own companies and wealth. Fast forward, this past weekend I went with a friend to a church they were singing at and the guys speaking ran a ministry helping felons get housing and jobs. I approached them because I wanted to help, but their ministry is in Alabama. BUT GOD. Randomly people (specifically felons) seeking jobs started popping up in my news feed (Atlanta job board) and it looks like I will be able to hire some of those that need work and have had a hard time because of past mistakes.