In 1970 in Mount Olive, New Jersey Elder Leo Wiggins was walking home with his two brothers down the Howard Johnson Turnpike. Then suddenly a car came speeding at the boys and Leo who was walking in between his two brothers was struck by the car. The car it Leo in the back and split his hand in two and kept going. Thank God his brothers escaped the impact of the vehicle. Leo’s brother chased after the car down the road and caught it at the red light. His brother let the man know that he had injured his brother and he said he knew but kept driving because he was scared. The man was able to calm down and drove the boys to the hospital. Leo had to have 3 surgeries to repair his left hand that was ripped in half. But after that, his hand was good as new.
“GOD brought me out and saved me All I had was a broken hand. GOD didn’t let it kill me. I could have been killed. I could have been hit in the back and died. I was hit in the back but GOD didn’t let that happen. PRAISE THE LIVING GOD!”