We know that GOD is a healer. Every day HE is healing people of all types of sickness and disease and our world may be experiencing a pandemic but GOD is still healing. Each day the media posts the number of people that have died from Covid 19. Yes, and people are getting sick, and sadly some die but during a pandemic, JESUS is still on the throne and is still in the healing business. First GOD told me that if we prayed HE would send an angel to block the virus. Don’t live in fear. Stand in FAITH. I encourage everyone to read and memorize Psalm 91. In this Psalm, the LORD says do not be afraid. I will protect you. GOD promises that even though there may be pestilences if you abide with HIM they won’t come to your house and although thousands are dying left and right you will be safe. Believe it and stand on it. Please stop watching and letting the negative reports of Covid-19 deaths that the news media reports into your spirit. For the thousands of people that have gotten sick how many millions has GOD protected from getting sick, like doctors, nurses, family members, and everyday people. I have not had it and will not get it. GOD has told me this but I know many more that have not. I know of several miracles where someone became sick with Covid and was around family and friends and their families did not catch it. One of my roommates had a heart attack. When he went to the hospital he was diagnosed with Covid. But the LORD had angels around me and I spent two weeks in Atlanta during the holidays and was not around him during that time and he spent over a month in the hospital and was released. But I had already prayed over my house and not one of the other 5 people living in the house including his girlfriend caught the virus. My mother takes care of foster children and she was taking care of a child for a week While there he started experiencing muscle pains so my mom took him to the hospital and e was diagnosed with Covid but GOD prevented my mom and her other foster child from catching it and HE healed the child that caught it. Minister Rochell Bromel had just sold her house and about to move in with her daughter when she got the news that her daughter and her husband were diagnosed with Covid. GOD let her know before she moved in preventing her from possibly catching the virus. And her daughter and son- in law had the virus but their children did not catch it. GOD is good. I know many people that have been healed of the virus and many of these people were senior citizens. Last week I met a 72-year-old saint and she and her 66-year-old friend had it and were healed. 4 members of her family had it and were healed. She also mentioned 30 people she knew at church that were healed. I even have a friend that had pre-existing respiratory issues and had pneumonia and had just got out of the hospital While recovering from pneumonia he got Covid, spent a few weeks in the hospital, came home, and caught Covid again. But he is doing well and praising GOD every day. So I just wanted to encourage you with these stories of the miracles that the LORD JESUS is doing. Covid might be a pandemic but our GOD is the GREAT PHYSICIAN. He will protect us from the virus and if you catch it he will heal you. 1 Peter 2:24 “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.”