Submitted by Ana H Martinez,

One particular prayer that GOD answered for me was on account of my only son. One day I received a call at my work from a police officer who had my son in his custody. According to the police officer my son was driving and stopped at a light. There was a car with a young woman who also stopped at the light. They believed my son got out of his car, went over to the other car, reached inside through the window, grabbed her purse from the front seat, got back to his car, and sped away. The girl supposedly recognized him at school and informed the police. I went to the ladies restroom to pray to my LORD. Crying desperately I asked my GOD for the police to find the real burglar because I knew that my son wasn’t the one. Soon after I finished praying I received a call from the same officer apologizing because it had been a mistake and they had the real burglar in custody and my son had been freed. GOD is good and does answer our prayers.