By Jerome Leaks

I never wanted to see this until now, I purposefully waited to ask for this picture and I never saw it until moments ago. Tears streaming down my face my mother just sent it to me and I am sharing it. Yes, I am to honor and be a testament to the miracles that GOD grants, it is nothing short of that, seeing this makes me want to scream at the highest levels thank you for your grace and mercy. On this day 1 year ago I aspirated on the floor of my apartment in Louisville, Kentucky “aspirated”. I threw up while asleep on my back. The fluid-filled my lungs, it stopped my heart, I died. The paramedics were called and when they arrived I was unresponsive and resuscitation was needed! To this day there has still been no decisive conclusion as to what happened that caused my body to react the way it did and shut down. For the next 4 days I would be kept alive on a respirator, family not knowing whether or not I would make it and or if GOD would be calling me in off the field permanently! Kidneys then failed and now my body had to be turned so that my lungs had a chance to expand. “Very critical condition” the Dr.’s told my mother, aunt, and ex-wife in the absence of my children! I don’t know if it was because of something in my past that I’d done that GOD saw fit to grant me, even more, mercy and grace or if he spared me because of works that are still left in me to be done. However after 4 days on life support and a very slim chance of survival I opened my eyes to see my Sydney. I would spend the next 19 days in the hospital losing 34 lbs, and having dialysis 6 hours a day for failed kidneys every other day! 1 year later here I stand, kidneys fully functioning, no memory loss, and absolutely zero side effects from my ordeal, certain relationships restored, and others made even stronger! I was spared and given a second chance. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank each and every one of you for being there for me and my family. The love and support that you showed and gave will never be forgotten or taken for granted! Believe me it just really HIT ME just how lucky I am! Take every day as a blessing and cherish every moment you have! Thank you, GOD for giving me these extra moments!