By David and Tia Ford

We thank everybody for their prayers because, in the end, it saved little David’s life. Tia went for her 40-week doctor appointment Tuesday morning, and the doctor decided to admit her. The next morning she was induced. I was in the cafeteria and received a text from Tia to come back ASAP. Next thing I know I’m getting prepped with scrubs for an emergency C-section. I peaked in the OR while they tried to give Tia an epidural. After several failed attempts; it was decided to put Tia to sleep while performing the surgery. As the C-section was going on I was forced to wait outside, and retrospect over the long journey of the last 9 months. Then the next thing I heard was a code. Tia was still unconscious, and my heart sank as the code blared loud over the hospital speakers. Hospital staff…

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