IMG_0499In February 2018 Evangelist Kit Ashworth had her yearly mammogram, it was at the appointment that the radiologist looked at her films and saw a suspicious spot and encouraged her to get with her OB/GYN doctor and have the spot biopsied. Reluctantly she took his advice and had the spot biopsied. On February 28, 2018 she went to the doctor to receive the results of the biopsy and heard the news that no one ever wants to hear, cancer. Despite this diagnosis, cancer was not a death sentence for Kit. No, this was just a test of her faith and an opportunity for God to get the glory.

Kit says she can’t describe how she felt when she heard the diagnosis. “My mind was just boggled and couldn’t believe what the doctor had just said. I really did not remember or hear anything the doctor told me except that the suspicious lesion was indeed cancerous. I looked at my husband to see how he was taking the news. I was crushed. I wondered how this could be. As they begin to hand me pamphlets and books about breast cancer. I was like are they serious?”

Although she was diagnosed with cancer there were many blessings during her trial. Her doctor said that he was glad she had her yearly check up so that he was able to find the cancer.  She was diagnosed with invasive ductile carcinoma, one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer that can spread quickly, but God did not allow the cancer to grow rapidly. “It was amazing that they even found the cancer because I did not have a lump. The lesion that showed up on the mammogram was only 4 millimeters in size. If the radiologist had not viewed my mammogram thoroughly it could have been missed and it could have easily grown into a lump by the time I had the yearly mammogram in 2019.”  Being diagnosed with cancer was devastating, and the month she had to wait after she had her MRI until she had surgery to remove the lesion was also very difficult. In April she had her surgery and it was successful.

“I had to pull my self together and remember that I was a child of God. I had to pull myself together and pray.” While going through her trial she quoted Isaiah 41:10 everyday, Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee: yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. “My family prayed, my church family prayed, a lot of people prayed. I bless God that it was caught. After the operation they found the lesion was about 6 millimeters total. I am thankful and grateful that it did not spread to any of my lymph nodes, it stayed right where it had begun. I didn’t have to have chemo. I did 6 weeks of radiation therapy, and I have to take some medicine for seven years. But my faith is not in medicine or technology. I praise and thank God for the ability He gave man to detect and treat situations of the human body. God is my healer. I’m here to thank God and give Him praise for healing me. Sometimes I can’t believe what has occurred this year but I’m thankful. I’m thankful and grateful, thankful and grateful for God’s healing.”

Evangelist Ashworth says that she would tell others that have cancer to be encouraged and hold on to faith and know that God is a healer. “The scripture says, what shall we render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me? All I can do is give him my life and praise him for all his benefits.”