Lessie Scott is a strong believer in Gods healing power so when she started having pains in her legs and lost the ability to walk she prayed to God for a miracle.
God has blessed Scott to live a full and abundant life. She is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and successful business women. But while she was enjoying her golden years she started having pains in her hip which led to severe difficulty walking. The problem became so bad she was no longer able to walk and her husband had to push her around in a wheelchair for 5 years. Eager to find relief from her problem she consulted a doctor but he did not provide good news. Her doctor told her that she would not walk again and they needed to amputate her left leg.  Lessie told her doctor that amputating her leg was not an option and she immediately rebuked the devil that was causing her illness. She also started praying regularly in her prayer room and believing God for a miracle. “I told God that I did not want to have my leg amputated and that I know there was some way he could heal me.” Soon after Lessie prayed she saw a commercial about the Piedmont Orthopedic Clinic in Atlanta that specializes in treating bone and joint related illnesses. Scott called the clinic and they told her they had a clinic in Macon, closer to her home that they visited twice a week and she could be treated there. The doctors at the clinic recommended she have hip replacement surgery, she did and the surgery was a success. Today Lessie is very active.  Lessie says she feels great and is grateful to be able to walk. She gives God thanks for what he has done and believes all things are possible if we only believe and nothing is impossible for God.