From the age of 9 to 26, Nathan Parsons’ lived his life in the streets and indulged in every satisfying and destructive sin that pleased his flesh. He enjoyed all the pleasures of this world, immoral sex, drugs, alcohol, and fast money but when he found himself locked up facing prison time he saw the need for Jesus Christ and gave up the pleasures of this world for redemption and eternal life.

Nathan has always lived in a rough environment. He was a troubled teen that got into fights every day as he struggled to find his way in life on the journey to becoming a young man.

Over the years, his behavior got worse and worse. At the tender age of 9 when kids should be playing with friends and watching cartoons Nathan started smoking cigarettes, which led to marijuana, then pills, and even vandalizing property. By the age of 11, he was using ecstasy and Nathans’ behavior got so bad that his father moved his family to Tennessee with hopes that a change of environment would help, but it didn’t.

In middle school, Nathan was introduced to the world of selling drugs, and he liked what he saw. He quickly started making lots of money. At the age of 14, he was introduced to gangs and treated his fellow gang members as family. This year would also be the year that he became sexually active. To the natural man, life looked pretty good. Nathan was living a lavish lifestyle. He had three cars in his driveway, clothes, jewelry you name it. When his Father found out that he was selling drugs there was a huge altercation and his father refused to give him anything else besides a roof over his head. When he was 17, he was put out of the house and got his own place.

Sin paints a sly allusion and Nathan was believing and enjoying the lie. He always had plenty of women, fresh clothes, gold chains, and a pocket full of money. Nathan was making tens of thousands of dollars every week, and he started hanging around career criminals. By this time, he was always armed with a weapon and he always had a gun in his house. Nathan spent the next 15 years gang banging, and his lifestyle kept escalating to worse things.When he was 18 Nathan got locked up for a short while and although he had been to juvenile hall on three prior occasions, this time, was different now he was an adult and the idea of facing serious jail time made him more cautious.  So from 18-26 Nathan tried to stay off the police’s radar.

Although Nathan has always had plenty of women in his life, he always wanted a wife and kids but did not know what that looked like.  “I didn’t treat women with respect. I never really valued women I had sex with them and lived with them but didn’t value them.” And he didn’t know how to treat women right.  He always had multiple women, but he was never fully committed to any of them.

The end of the road came when he was contacted by the FBI and was arrested for identity theft, forgery, and stolen identity. The tricky part about sin is that although you know it is wrong, it offers temptations and pleasures that satisfy. Only when your freedom is on the line when you are locked in a jail cell facing a long prison sentence, do you truly see the consequences of your actions.”I always knew about Christ but never really knew the real story. I always thought you could live anyway you wanted to and simply ask for forgiveness on Sunday.” With the possibility of facing prison, Nathan broke down and surrendered his life to the Lord. He realized that there had to be a better purpose in life than living in the streets.”For 18 years I had lived life my way and did whatever I wanted now it was time to give God a try.”

“When I gave my life to God within six months, he delivered me from everything.” After 18 years of sex outside of marriage, alcohol, drugs, and criminal activity he was completely healed and delivered. After those first six months, he still struggled with smoking cigarettes, but that addiction was broken after a 21 day fast.

Today Nathan looks nothing like his past. He is full of life and joy.  He has abandoned the destructive habits of his former life and has been delivered by the power of God. Now instead of filling his body with drugs and alcohol Nathan eats right, exercises regularly, and treats his body as the temple that God has created it to be. Nathan also has a new set of friends. His friends and associates are holy men that serve their community and work in Gods kingdom.

Nathan has also been blessed with a beautiful woman with a heart after God.  When he gave his life to Christ, his heart was changed and begin to see view women with respect.  He also took a few classes on courtship, dating, and was mentored by some older godly men. After years of sex with many women, one-day while at small group Nathan heard the voice of God say “that is your wife.” After introducing himself, they became friends and after a two-year courtship, they were married.  God blessed Nathan with a wife and taught him how a man is supposed to treat a woman.

And his days as of selling drugs are long gone he now makes an honest living as a heavy equipment operator.   Just as hard as he hustled in the streets, now Nathan serves in the kingdom of God. He faithfully serves as an usher, in children’s ministry, and ministers to at-risk youth. “My goal now is to have a successful marriage, to do street ministry, and to give back to the same people that I was once was and to show them the light of Christ.”