megally Alfred Peters is a devoted husband, loving father, and engineer that plays a mean guitar. He is also a pastor and loves proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to all that will hear. Quincy Springs is a US military veteran, general manager at Wal-Mart, and in 2014 he read 30 books because he is always striving to improve himself, to be a better man, and leader. Barry Hart has been married for 40 years, is a father of three, grandfather of 6, and owns a nonprofit that provides life coaching and tutorial assistance to young people. These are the unseen faces of African-American men in mainstream media; good men, law-abiding, and God fearing. These are men that love their wives, raise their children, men that work hard to provide for themselves and their families. There are good men in our world despite the negative statistics the world uses to label us. And yes, some of us have faced many obstacles and challenges but we don’t let them define us. Derrick Carswell grew up without a father but is now a father of 2 and is 100 percent committed to being the best father and leader for his children that he can be. Although, Antwon Davis grew up poor he educated himself, created his own a successful branding and marketing company and has broken free from a cycle of poverty. There are those that may have made mistakes in life but have turned from their selfish and sinful ways and are doing all they can to live better more productive lives. Like David Williams, who got caught up chasing money and selling drugs when he was young but now serves as a deacon at his church and coach with local sports programs. Fransau McDonald spent three years in prison and now makes an honest living and regularly gives back to his community. These are men that love life, serve their communities, have overcome obstacles, and are making strides in all areas of society. Their lives make you proud and are an example to others. You may not see them every day in the news, but they are real, they are many, their light shines brightly, and they are a benefit to all. People look around you.

( In first picture is Pastor Alfred Peters with wife Megally Peters.)


( Derrick Carswell with two sons and wife.)