ttLike the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible, Theresa Taylor was sick, didn’t know why, and was desperately seeking answers. She went to doctor after doctor to find help, but found none. Theresa only found healing when she gave up on the doctors and prayed to God.

Theresa suffered from hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid that caused her thyroid to release too much hormone into her blood stream.  Her symptoms included dry skin, her hair to fell out, fatigue, and heart problems. For many years, Theresa suffered through the pain mostly because she did not know exactly what was wrong.  In 2001, after examining Theresa’s throat, a doctor told her that her throat was enlarged and recommended that she eat more seafood. Seafood is rich in iodine which is used to treat thyroid problems. But she did not receive any medications and continued having problems. Over the years, she went back and forth to the emergency room, saw many doctors, and was told many different things. One doctor told she had multiple sclerosis and another said she had attention deficit disorder.

In 2011, she was also diagnosed with having Thyrotoxicosis. After she was officially diagnosed with having a thyroid problem she wanted to try a permanent treatment to cure the disease. Her options were to take radioactive iodine or surgery. She consulted a doctor and the doctor recommended she take radioactive iodine.  Theresa was willing to take the treatment but did not want to take radiation.  For some reason, the doctor told her that the treatment did not contain real radiation but Theresa later finds out that it did, which she did not want.  Next, she spoke to another doctor about surgery options and the doctor told her she really did not need it with the type of thyroid problem she was having and that if she could endure the symptoms they would go away in later in  life.

Finally, after years of being sick, going to the doctor, and getting different diagnoses Theresa decided to try something she had never tried before, she decided to pray to God for healing. In March 2012, Theresa stopped trusting  and depending on her doctors to heal and started trusting God.  After years of going to the doctors she stopped going to the doctor and taking medications and began to pray to God to heal her.  In one month, her symptoms got better and she hasn’t had any problems since. Praise God!