damien nasg

On two occasions, Damien Nash received very negative reports about his academic abilities, but despite what he was told, he chose to believe the report of the Lord. Born and raised in Decatur, Ga. Damien hasn’t always done well in school. He had problems reading but was able to make it through high school by masking his problem. He would clown around and act up in class and when his teachers asked him a question he would ask to go to the bathroom to avoid giving an answer.  Just before entering college Damien received a report from the Sylvan Learning Center that said he read on a 8th grade reading level and comprehended on a 6th grade level.

Despite, that report Damien went on to attend and graduate from Bellarmine University Rubel School of Business in Louisville, Kentucky. But it wasn’t easy. In 2007, Damien turned in a paper for one of his business courses and the teacher told him that “it was one of the worst papers she has ever had to grade.”  “The paper looked like it was bleeding it was marked with so much red ink. I was disappointed. I felt I wasn’t able to complete the paper because the level of writing she was asking for I hadn’t achieved yet. I was also tired from working the third shift from UPS.” Although he was angry and disappointed Damien got some writing help at the college and rewrote the paper.

Seven months later while attending a pre sort meeting at UPS Damien’s boss challenged him on the four keys to loading a truck and although he knew them, he was not applying them on a daily basis. To say the least Damien was mad. He felt embarrassed in front of his colleagues and had a serious attitude the rest of the day. While driving home he called his mother and she said, “Whew, the 4 keys to loading a truck, you should write a book.” That night God woke him up and began to deal with him. God told him to write a book. The next day he woke up first thing in the morning and wrote for 12 hours straight. That day he wrote the majority of the book and completed the rest that week, which he titled How to Load Your Truck. When he was finished he sent an email of the book to his mom.

Six years later, Damien is the CEO of his own publishing company, TNG Publishing. In addition to his first book, How to Load Your Truck, Damien has written 3 children’s books and a devotional book. TNG Publishing specializes in helping people deliver their potential and has helped several writers publish their books. Damien has also developed a love for reading and has more books to read than time to read them. When situations in life told Damien “you can’t” he trusted God and believed “I can.” He didn’t give up, he had faith, persevered, and with God on his side he has become a great success.