menThe big question today is where are all the good men? But despite what todays media or what current statistics say there are good men in this world. So where are these good men? They are in the body of Christ. Yes, there is a lack of strong, positive male role models in our society and the men glorified by the media and in many high positions are far from righteous. But the body of Christ is full of godly, trustworthy, and honorable men that have committed themselves to the teachings of the greatest man who ever lived and they in turn take on his attributes and qualities. The church is full of men that are good husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles and good friends. If you want to find a moral, law-abiding, righteous, compassionate man, giving man, a man who is willing to serve and know how to love unconditionally and sacrificially then find and follow a disciple of Jesus Christ. I see good men all the time. I know pastors, deacons, ushers, teachers, and regular brothers that have a heart of gold and are amazing leaders. I have recently had the privilege to serve on the usher staff at Victory World Church. I served with men of all ages and nationalities, all with a common goal, to serve God, their church, and the community. These brothers have inspired me, encouraged me, mentored me and live lives that make you proud. And there are many more. There are many good men in this world and you can find them in the church.