God heals young man from molestation and pornography addiction.

 Isaiah tells  how God healed him from being molested at a young age and delivered him from a pornography addiction.

Click on link to view.http://youtu.be/gkpbxowO3Og



  1. Just-a-Friend says:

    Hey man, thanks for sharing your story. I’ve been struggling with porn addiction for quite sometime now, probably years. I am still a virgin and I think I am emotionally closed off from having actual feelings for anyone else in regards to having a relationship and caring that way. Usually when I get depressed, I don’t hesitate and I just give into the addiction which I now fine that alcohol helps relax me as well.

    Lately, I don’t feel the urge to fight it anymore… why even bother to try? You’re story is inspirational and I’m happy for you… but I’m just lost….

  2. Man well I’m glad my story could inspire you.. But what would make me overjoyed is to see you experience the same deliverance I have. Do you have a church home friend???

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