Taking responsibity for our health

Meet Contey and Jason Smith

I received some information on the Walking & Fitness Club at Victory World Church and my spirit moved me to join, but I had no idea what was in store for my husband Jason and I. At the orientation we weighed ourselves and I found myself at my heaviest, 219 lbs and my husband was 237. It still didn’t hit me because people always told me that I don’t look my actual weight, but when we got our packets, I looked inside to find that we were both obese! At that moment I prayed and said I would not gain another pound in the name of Jesus.

I knew this time around would be different as this club made Jesus the center of its ministry. After beginning with prayer, I could feel the Spirit motivating me to get up and exercise. With every week, we made small, but critical changes to a healthier lifestyle by eating smarter and staying active, all while fellowshipping with brothers and sisters.

The weekly meetings encouraged us to get up during the week and exercise and take responsibility for our health. I started going back to the gym that I had been paying on for years without attending, I drank water more than anything else and most importantly, I cut out fast food. One day Jason and I decided to calculate what we spent on eating out in one month, surprisingly to discover we spent $1,650 on food! I was ashamed and embarrassed, but again we let that be motivation.

I’ve cooked more in these past six weeks than I have this year and the results have been great. At the end of these six weeks, my husband and I have found ourselves 43 lbs lighter (20 for me and 23 for him), saving money, and creating a healthier lifestyle. As the good Word says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”… and this is only the beginning. We thank God for this ministry and the beautiful people of Victory Walking Club.

UPDATE: As of Jan 18, 2012, Contey has lost 53 lbs and Jason has lost 58 lbs. 

Article by Victory World Church staff

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