Reggie  says when he was in the world he was chasing after everything his peers were chasing.  “I was pursuing chicks, pursuing sex, pursuing porn.”

Not a virgin by a long shot, Reggie has been sexually active since his teens and in 2005 he was in a committed  relationship with his girlfriend that he lived with.

But one evening in 2006, they attended a service at Victory World Church and Pastor Dennis Rouse was preaching a series called Hot Topics, and the message about sex changed Reggie’s life.

“I never even heard sex broken down in church like that.”  So many things stuck with him from the message that he and his girlfriend, now fiancée , kept coming. The message spoke to his spirit so much he went home and deleted the collection of porn files that was on his computer.

“People have to want to stop having sex,” said Reggie and he very honestly admits he didn’t want to. “At first I told God I am willing to stop being prideful, willing to stop chasing money, willing to stop hating my brother. I’m willing to chase you basically but one thing I’m not willing to do is stop having sex. The state of mind I was in at that time I though God would be cool with that. But the more I went to Victory, studied Gods word, learned truth and asked God he showed me what was right and what was wrong.”

From September 2006 to May of 2007 Reggie and his girlfriend tried to stop having sex but failed.

“We weren’t changing anything in our lifestyles .We wanted the results of not having sex but didn’t do anything different to get there. We wanted to not have sex but we were still living together sleeping in the same bed and expected not to have sex. We were thinking lustful thoughts, still watching lustful television shows, still listening to lustful R&B music and rap music talking about having sex still and it was some were in-between there we realized we had to do something else if we wanted  better results.”

We  had a king sized bed and noticed that we kept falling every time we  got into bed together, so I spent two months sleeping on the floor.

“We just started loving God and chasing after him. We began to love him so much we didn’t want to hurt him by having sex.” Eventually they were able to stop having sex and have remained abstinent since then.

Reggie says he would tell co-workers and friends that he and weren’t having sex but they found it hard to believe because the couple was living together. Later God led them to stop living together and live separately until they are married.

In August 2008, they both got accepted into Kennesaw State and decided to spend their freshman year on campus and stay in different dorms. It was a hard decision but they did it and are still living separately until their upcoming nuptials. “It made God happy and people would listen more when we told them that we weren’t having sex when we weren’t living together.”

But the story isn’t quite over, Reggie says because he wasn’t having sex he found himself trying to justify watching porn with God. “I was like since I’m not having sex it should be okay to watch porn”. But when he realized how much God hated it, he started to hate it. He says God also gave him a compassion for the women in the videos.

Reggie said God’s wisdom and the word have taught him how to escape those moments when he is tempted by lust. He is now able to escape them.  The word tells us we have to flee temptation and he said he literally had to flee when flesh wanted to watch porn. When he got that urge to view porn he would go to the gym, sometimes even at 1:00 am in morning. God told me to find something else to do when I felt like watching porn.

Now Reggie is living a pure life and always willing to share how he overcame his addictions to sex and porn.