By Charles Walker

Like most men Tyson Merriweather’s world was once consumed with the pursuit of clothes, cars, money and women. Tyson always had to have the freshest clothes, drive the nicest car and he loved the ladies. “I was very materialistic and egotistical. I lusted, did drugs and alcohol, and was full of sinful wickedness and fornication.  I thought I could get as many girls as I wanted to. I didn’t care what people thought of me. I said and did what I wanted.”

But his lifestyle and way of thinking changed when he got saved during his first semester in college. “I trusted in the message of Jesus Christ dying for him. From then on he says he grew in the word.” By the power and grace of God Tyson has been set free from his former carnal way of thinking and old habits.

Tyson admits under his well dressed and well-groomed exterior, internally he struggled with many fears. He says he was afraid of death and dying. “I was fearful of a lot of stuff,” Tyson admits. “Now I am not scared to die because I’m secure in my eternal dwelling. Drugs and alcohol are also no longer a problem for Tyson. He no longer gets drunk and he was able to quit smoking marijuana by praying and staying away from people who smoke.

His relationship with God really began to mature when Tyson says,” I told God I didn’t want to have sex until he was married. I heard more of God’s voice when I withdrew from sexual immorality. These days Tyson ‘s heart and mind has been focused more on other people than himself, especially since he has taken on the role of being a dedicated husband and become very active in church ministry. “Marriage clearly showed me more of God’s grace and mercy, my wife Cathy knows everything about me but she is still there, like God is.”