My job is not my provider, God is.

By Brandy Stinson

I have always known in my head that God is my Provider, but it wasn’t until summer 2011 that I began to know in my heart that He is. Until summer 2011, I had been working full-time and was pretty stable financially. I didn’t know it, but I began to slowly allow my job to become my idol.

When someone was terminated from my former place of employment, I immediately began to fear and my mind ran through the gamut of ideas of what would happen if I lost my job. I had placed my complete identity and trust in my work and believed that if I didn’t have my career, I was a failure.

Well, I was laid off in July 2011 from my previous employer. I was hesitant to tell friends and family because I was embarrassed, and I didn’t want to have to explain. In addition, I had an image to uphold! But God wasn’t concerned about my “image.” As a matter of fact, He wanted to strip me of that image because it wasn’t in His likeness. I went through the stages of grief and found myself to be somewhat depressed. Earlier that year, I had planned to go on a missions trip to China, and all I could think about was the fact that unless God came through for me it was somewhat impossible for me to have the finances to go.

I wasn’t eating or sleeping and I daily had to battle the thoughts that I wasn’t worth anything. I knew it was the enemy telling me “Look at you. You have all those degrees and no job. You are worthless.” The first two months of not being full-time employed were challenging. But through it all, I was able to pick up some contract work here and there.

Miraculously, my needs were always met and my credit card debt from college of a few thousand dollars was paid off. In addition, God placed it upon someone’s heart to fund my mission’s trip, which I will be attending March 22-April 6, 2012. After 6 months of no full-time work, I was offered a position with a local agency, which resulted in me having a substantial raise in salary from any jobs I had ever worked!

Today, I no longer go to work in fear because I know that my job is not my provider, God is. Although full-time work had ended temporarily, God’s favor and provision continued on. It may sound funny to say, but I would endure that hardship all over again because I know now that it was for my good. It showed me that I am not awesome because of my degrees, profession, or any other accolades. I am awesome because of Who lives in me. Today I stand bold, courageous, and confident that I can trust God with my life


  1. Thanks for this! Never thought of having that fear when I was working as making work an idol….I’ve completely been there! Got laid off in July and it’s wonderful to hear your testimony b/c it makes me feel normal and lets me know that there is hope (and helps me not to be too hard on myself for going through all of the things that you’re going through)! Thanks for this…

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