By Lacresha Williams

So my story goes as follows, I moved to Atlanta to pursue a dream but everything that you think you want is not at all what it seems. I met a man who told me everything I wanted to hear and as I gave him my heart I started to hear it tear. I realize that I gave too much over a slow period of time and after all was said and done all he could do was feed me line after line. Five years of my life I spent with this man until one day he told me that he was going to make me his spouse then he broke my heart when he told me that he wanted multiple wives.  And I thought, no this man didn’t just tell me he wants two wives. So please believe me when I tell you I’ve been through a lot in my life… sometimes I would wonder how I could make it to see another day. How I could be happy with the rain clouds in my way? How can I keep a smile when nothing goes right, holding on to life even when life squeezes too tight?  But I thank the Lord because He really doesn’t care about my past and He’ll never give me more than I can bear. I praise the Lord with all of my heart because I know He’s always loved me right from the start.