By Charles Walker

A few months ago Alvin Horton was living pay check to pay check, had more bills than money and was extremely stressed because it seemed he could not figure out how to make his ends meet.

But Alvin can breathe a lot easier these days now that he has two good jobs, a plan for his future and most importantly he has learned to pray and trust God.

Alvin tried everything he could think of to pay his bills he even began to take out loans and pawn some of his computer equipment just to get by. Every week he would create a budget and go over his finances to see what he could cut down on or eliminate inorder to have more cash but there never was more. But God began to move when Alvin stopped trying to figure things out and let God step in.

“It started once I didn’t have a job for about 3 or 4 months. Then I went to the furnace and prayed about being more financially stable cause I needed a job; that was right before I had an interview and got two jobs.”

Alvin says one of those jobs didn’t work out but then God blessed him with another one that paid $15 an hour. A dedicated and active father, one of his biggest responsibilities was  paying his child support that had fell behind but God stepped in and  blessed him to have to pay a smaller amount at that time than he thought.

The hardest thing for Alvin was patience. “Even when it seemed he wasn’t working in my favor he was. It didn’t happen when I wanted but it happened.”

God has also blessed Alvin to pay off the loans he took out and he is working on getting his computer equipment back. Alvin still budgets his money but now, even when his money is tight, he has learned and is learning to put his trust in God.