Cancer can’t keep me down.

By Seretha J Collins and Charles Walker

What do you doing when you are diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer at the age of 25; you continue to let your light shine and that is just what Seretha Collins has been doing. In fact most people don’t even know that she has cancer because Seretha doesn’t act like a victim or let her health stop her from following God’s will.

Seretha hasn’t let the disease stop her from attending church or fellowshipping with her community.

“I went back to church as soon as I had the strength and signed up to volunteer with various ministries.”

She also joined two small groups, attended birthday parties and other celebrations surrounding herself with positive and joyful people and also encouraging others as well.

“In all of those places I met people who were sick and shared my testimony. I would show them my scars and tell them of the regimen of chemotherapy I was currently being administered as proof that God can give you strength through anything. You don’t have to suffer as you are tested, you can smile, laugh, and have joy as the storms of life rage because the joy of the Lord is your strength!!

“I pushed myself to participate in activities that were outside of my comfort zone, which forced me to interact with people no matter if I was tired or feeling sick or wanted to feel sorry for myself. It amazed me the amount of joy it gave me to make other people feel welcome and to tell them about Christ.” It became my fuel to continue on the path God laid out for me. I realized that every time I put others in front of my own issues I would actually feel better! It was easier to smile and be part of community because it was part of my healing.”

As of December 13, 2011, Seretha is in remission and has one more surgery to complete her healing process.

“People still can’t believe all that I have been through. Just watching my walk has affected others and I praise God that by me being a willing vessel His work was done. It may sound crazy but I am so grateful for this trial, for cancer, because it made me a better servant and a better Christian.”


  1. Amazing testimony! =D

  2. Kandyce says:

    I will be sharing this story. Many people can use this as a spring board for themselves. This is a great example of John 11:4. I am proud of you Cees. I love you!!! Keep healing, praising, and sharing your story.

  3. I remember seeing you in the middle of ur treatment process @ the get together we had @ Corey’s place. You were playing with the kids, you allowed them to be rough with you jump all over you. No one knew u were sick until u had to leave, when we had that private talk… I was so shocked, and the most amazing part is u neva claimed it. You were so positive in believing God for your healing that I wasnt even sure why they put u through surgery, you neva admitted to having stage 3! wow! The Holy Spirit really did a work in you! This is what life is about! Die to self so that Christ can give u REAL LIFE! Keep it going sis!

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