Submitted by Kizzie Bell

In 2009 I suddenly fell very sick with a fever. After 3 days of trying to beat it at home I turned myself into the hospital. The doctors did every test that came to their mind for the symptoms I had and they were unable to find anything. Because of the fever, I slept almost every minute I was there. I remember a nurse asking me if I had medication that made me sleepy. One of the symptoms was swelling all over my body; my face, stomach, legs, and feet. I looked like I was six months pregnant. I can remember feeling like I was going to die because no one could figure out what was wrong with me. After weeks of being sick they finally diagnosed me with a kidney disease that was caused by me having sickle cell disease.
During the time I was hospitalized GOD was dealing with me about a number of things. I was able to examine myself and talk to him about the things I wanted him to deliver me from. When I did that, I remember having a supernatural experience through a dream. The dream was so real; I woke up calling on GOD. At that time I knew he had delivered me from some things. The whole experience of me being sick was as if GOD needed me to be in a place long enough to hear him. I had no choice but to listen because I was all by myself, no family was able to come to my aid. I had learned to depend on HIM during my time of need. My life has never been the same after that visit.

While I was in the hospital I started to worry about the medical bills, so I called on the social worker from the hospital to help me apply for something that would help with the payment of the hospital stay. When she came she could not understand why I wanted to apply for benefits when I had an active insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield). I was confused because I had lost my job in 2008, and about eight months later my insurance was still active. I did not believe her. I made it clear that I had not worked since 2008. She brought me the information; I still did not believe her so I called BCBS. The insurance was active, I started to cry and praise GOD right there with the Doctor examining me! When I got out the hospital, I was back and forth to different types of doctors for a while (ALL ON BCBS)!

I was told by the kidney doctor that I would have kidney disease all my life and would have to take this medication for the rest of my life. I stopped taking it; I believed that GOD would heal my body. Soon BCBS expired and I was unable to go to him anymore. I got better, gained my strength back. It was hard to ever tell I had been that sick. The bill summary came in the mail from BCBS the total for all the hospital expenses were $19,000 and some change. HALLELUJAH! The crazy thing about the insurance is that I had my son on the same insurance and his expired like 30 days after I no longer worked for the company! GOD is GOOD!