By Charles Walker

Sean, says, “Depression had me a t a young age.” Bound by depression since he was a child, Sean says his coping mechanism was sex. “Fornication was my sin. When I was depressed and really really down I needed a woman around. When I was sad, happy, lonely, depressed I wanted to have sex.”

Sean says he found out that a lot of things he struggled with in his adult life are a result of his childhood. Sean’s struggle with sex and depression started as a result of his troubled family life.

Sean,  born and raised in Africa, says his father was a powerful and successful man but he has been married 6 times and had 12 children by many different women. He says that his mother had two children for his father, him and his sister, but for some reason his father hated them.  When his parents divorced, Sean and his sister lived with their mother.  But after a while she was no longer able to take care of them so they lived with their grandmother and their father supported them.

Sean says his father would bring them food but did not want to be apart of their lives.

Later they were forced had to live with father but it was a nightmare because he constantly told them he did not want them and they also received a lot of slack from their stepmother. He also said that he was not close with his other siblings because they did not grow up together.

Sean says he lost his virginity at the age of 16 and his father had no problem with him engaging in sex, he even approved of it. “He would be proud. He was like, yeah man do it. All he would say is don’t get anybody pregnant. “

So as he grew up relationships with women began to make up for his dysfunctional family. “I felt balanced only when I was with women. “ As a result of his troubled relationship with his father he says he never really felt loved and is hesitant to get into relationships.

“It got to a point in life when God was calling me. It got to a point when everything I did was failing. Sean says God started talking to him and in he surrendered gave his life to God last November.

Since the beginning of 2011, Sean has been delivered from depression.  He says some of his problems with depression stopped after he gave up a two pack a day smoking habit last December. Sean is able to enjoy life better now. Sean has a great job as computer consultant, is an avid tennis player, loves church and serves in the usher ministry. He also has been on a journey of sexual purity for 11 months now and he is really proud of that.