By Charles Walker

David Williams is a strong man who has dedicated his life to obeying GOD, taking care of his family, and serving his community but this wasn’t always the case. Many years ago, before he gave his life to the LORD, he got tangled up in the world of fast money and selling drugs.

David was raised in a Christian home and grew up in the church but strayed away from GOD in his mid-teens. Around the age of 16, he started hanging out with some guys that showed him how to make some fast money. One of his new companions, also a coworker at a local business showed David how to double his money selling drugs.

First, he started small but eventually started selling crack and marijuana fulltime for several years.

‘I wasn’t addicted to drugs. I was addicted to the lifestyle, the fast money.”

Although David was enjoying the benefits of selling drugs he still had a conscience. “I liked the easy money but I didn’t like how it affected people.”

His convictions led him to stop selling crack. Sometime later he was arrested on two occasions and spent some time in the local jail. This gave him a chance to reflect on his life and he says he wanted to change. And slowly but surely he did change. “I stopped selling drugs, and then I stopped drinking, and then I stopped hanging out and cut ties with people.”

David recalls some guys asking him to go out during a homecoming celebration and he said no. Jokingly his friend said, “Dave you might as well get saved” and David replied, “you know what you are right.”

After that, he started to go to church here and there, and GOD began to deal with him. Finally, in 1999, he totally surrendered and gave his life to GOD and has not looked back since.

Today David is a the chairman deacon at his church, is happily married with four children, has a full-time job, and is an legal entrepreneur.

“It was not easy giving up that lifestyle when you make thousands and thousands of dollars especially when you are barely making it, but it is worth it. It’s an addiction, making that easy money but GOD will help you stop. It’s worth it to give it up and I don’t regret it.”