By Charles Walker

Three years ago on December 20, after a night of heavy drinking David found himself in the hospital fighting for his life after being thrown 75 feet from his SUV after it flipped 5 times and crashed.

David spent the next 3 weeks in a coma due to a severe injury to his head that damaged the right side of his brain, which affected his ability to control the motor functions in the left side of his body.

“I had to relearn how to walk again and relearn how to do basically everything, simple things that we take for granted everyday! Now I am in the process of relearning how to use my left hand and motor functions of the left side of my body!”

Although David sustained major injuries as a result of the car accident his doctors said if he had not come to the hospital when he did that his blood work indicated that the amount and combination of drugs in his system would have caused his heart to stop. David is very open about his drug use. He admits to drinking and taking any prescription drugs he could get his hands on, including van bars, loratab, zanix and lexerol.

After almost two months in the hospital David was determined to get better but he had a few obstacles. First his insurance ran out and he was no longer able to afford the cost of rehab so he was forced to leave the hospital. Then his brother wanted to put him in an assisted living facility. So he and his father moved to Atlanta and he eventually got his on apartment and found a good roommate.

David said he still had the same lifestyle as before the accident, minus the pills, but had a desire to find a church where he could truly worship God. In January of 2010, David was invited to a Saturday night service by a member of Victory that he met at the gym.  A coupe of weeks later he attended a Fusion service and on January 23rd he gave his life to the lord, was later baptized and became a member of the church.

“I’m taking full advantage of my second chance at life.”

David was able to give up the drugs and heavy drinking cold turkey. He also started doing his physical therapy on his own after his insurance ran out and it has paid off in more than one way. He says he would work out six times a week sometimes two times a day. David has lost over 100 pounds going from 295 pounds to 190 pounds. And he has gone from a size 42 to a 34 in pants. He says he completely changed his eating habits, stopped snaking, and limited the amount of carbs he ate.

Three years since the car the only place will find David is at the gym, fellowshipping with his friends, or serving and worshipping at Victory World Church in Norcross, GA.  Thanks to the prayers of the saints, hard work and determination David is doing much better. He says he is waiting on the healing process to be complete and working on a closer walk and fellowship with God.

“I speak healing scriptures over myself daily and I humbled myself because I know that there is nothing I can do its all God.”