Submitted by Charles Walker

I remember when I was a teenager my dad looked at me and said, “You’re going to college”, and that was that.  He was upset because although he had a good job he would be turned down for better positions because he did not have a degree. Since I was a child my parents have always instilled in my brothers and I the importance of education.  They always encouraged us to do the very best that we could in school.  Growing up there was never an issue of whether I was going to college or not.

In 1999, my oldest brother, Darte Hill became the first person on my mother’s side of the family to graduate from college and years later I became the second to do the same. I truly thank God for the accomplishment because there were obstacles, but with any worthwhile endeavor there always is.  We didn’t have any money. Darte attended school and worked a full time job. I was in school full time and worked a part time job while battling a rare sleep disorder that often caused me to sleep through lectures, tests, and exams. But thanks to God we did it and I am grateful.