Submitted By Yanique Lewis

God is good!  I always believed in God from day one. This year God has truly given me patience. It all started back in 2004 when I got laid off my corporate job after 4 years. It was rough. I was still a newlywed and I also had a baby that was 9 months. I didn’t know what to say or do. At the time, my husband was trying to start his own business and all of our savings went to that.  With our finances being tied up I asked God to cover us at all times. At the time I wanted to jump right into another full-time permanent job, but not many companies were looking for new hires. I called several temp agencies looking for any employment, just to have some income coming in. Finally after 3 months of looking, a retail company called me for a temp to perm assignment. After I started working, I felt real good. Money was coming in, my baby was well, and my marriage was great. That’s why they say always expect the unexpected!

After working a little less than 3 months, the entire accounting team was called for a meeting. I didn’t think anything of it because we had monthly department meetings and weekly team meetings. It was to my surprise that I would be out of yet another job! The company downsized and had to close several locations.  I always continued to pray and ask God why is this happening to me; to us. I continued to look for work regardless of what it was. Searching and searching for months and months until finally 4 months later I got called for another assignment. While God worked it out in my favor to be working, my marriage fell apart! By this time I was a full-time temp, raising my 1 and a half-year old, and 3 months pregnant. My husband, now ex, wanted me to have an abortion with my youngest child, who is identical to him.

One thing my mother use to tell me was “The Lord will provide” and “The strong will survive!” And that I did. Things were going good, I was still working temp after I had my son, went on vacation and just felt good.  But all good things must come to an end; my assignment was ended due to major budget cuts. At this point I was starting to fall weak. After several years of not working, not getting support from my ex-husband, and moving from place to place, I had known for sure that God had really forgotten all about me. I was really really down and out, fell into a state of depression, and gained weight. It was hard to continue to pray with no results.

The Lord put certain people in my path to motivate, encourage, and push me to continue to do the right thing. A good good friend, who I love like a brother, invited me to Victory World Church.  My children and I started attending on the regular and we did and still enjoy the experience. I also start attending Chick Chat, Venture and became a part of the Greeter ministry. I started feeling better about myself, lost some weight, and started reading the word daily. I knew God was on my team again! I had been applying to various different jobs over the summer. I had applied to an Accounting position at Georgia Perimeter College in June 2011. Two weeks later I was called back for an interview. I almost passed out. I immediately went into prayer. I said “Lord this is what I have always wanted!” It’s a full-time, permanent, and convenient to my house! Lord please guide me, give me the wisdom to do my best, and most importantly the confidence to walk in there and own this job!  What God has for me it is for me!

Weeks had passed on and I heard nothing about my interview. No letter in the mail, no email, and no phone call. I continued to stay positive, yet still looking for other opportunities. After 2 months of patiently waiting I got a phone call from my interviewer. I thought I had the job, but no!  She was real frank, she said” Ms. Lewis it’s between you and another candidate!” “Whoever can get their references to me first will get the job!” I immediately went into prayer. I made several phone calls to make sure that all the right people as well as the right contact number. I called her back and relayed the information.  On Tuesday, October 25, 2011, I became the newest member of the Accounts Payable department at Georgia Perimeter College. Yes! Thank You Jesus! Patience is truly a virtue! After 7 years of no stability, I finally got it. I have to admit it was Worth the Wait!  Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end…”