By Charles Walker

January 2012 will be a very special anniversary for Cornelius Singleton because it will mark the second year the 29 year has been the owner of his very first home.

Cornelius says it was all God and “it feels great” to have his own home. “It’s a blessing especially in this down economy.”

“I moved 7 times in 5 years, said Cornelius, Now I have a place to stay and I don’t have to move. “

One day while attending a gathering for the ushers at his church, one of his usher brothers asked him if he was renting.  His usher brother began to tell him that he could possibly get him in a home.  At the time he was renting an apartment in Lawrenceville, Ga and did not know what it took to purchase a home but he liked the idea.

In order to qualify for the home he needed to have held a steady job for 2 years and a credit score above 620, which he did.  After filling out the necessary paperwork Cornelius was approved for the home closed on Christmas Eve and has been living in his three bedroom ranch style home since then.

“It’s amazing to see how God steps in and becomes daddy. I remember when I didn’t have anything. God is my redeemer.”

Cornelius started tithing faithfully in 2007. And he says, “God has been faithful. I know that this is a result of tithing, seeking God first, and applying his principles.”

“I don’t have a lot of money” said Cornelius, but he is admits he is a firm believer of paying his bills and being a good steward over what he does have.  At one point in time he made necessary sacrifices to pay off debt, such as eating spaghetti everyday, and it worked.

Cornelius admits there is a lot of responsibility in having a home but he is thankful to God and cherishes his blessing.