Ex-felon beats the odds!

In 2004, after coming to a friend’s defense against a group of gang members, Fransau McDonald found himself fighting for his life. While sitting in the barber’s chair at a local barbershop he is attacked by the gang members and knocked to the floor. In the shuffle of the fight, one of the gang members […]

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God turns a scary deliver into awesome miracle

Submitted by Randal McNeil Fourteen years ago today, Chris and I had the worst day of our lives. We went for a routine ultrasound to see our baby boy in Chris’s womb one more time. He had been in the breach position and the doctor wanted to make sure he had not turned on his own […]

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Supermom broke leg while playing football with sons.

No one wants to endure the pain of breaking a leg or spend weeks walking with a cast but if it had to happen, at least single mom Kizzie Bell can say she broke it while playing flag football with her boys. Playing flag football is nothing new to this single mom. But one day […]

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God heals woman of Cancer

In February 2018 Evangelist Kit Ashworth had her yearly mammogram, it was at the appointment that the radiologist looked at her films and saw a suspicious spot and encouraged her to get with her OB/GYN doctor and have the spot biopsied. Reluctantly she took his advice and had the spot biopsied. On February 28, 2018 […]

God heals woman of severe leg pain.

Lessie Scott is a strong believer in Gods healing power so when she started having pains in her legs and lost the ability to walk she prayed to God for a miracle. God has blessed Scott to live a full and abundant life. She is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and successful business women. But while she […]

Man overcomes poverty and lives the blessed life.

Through the guidance and grace of God, Sando Karneh has come a long way. Born and raised in Liberia, West Africa, a nation destroyed by a 15-year civil war, he has been blessed, and he was able to overcome extreme poverty and the devastation of the war. He attributes this to God, family, and education. […]

From life in the streets to life in the Kingdom of God.

From the age of 9 to 26, Nathan Parsons’ lived his life in the streets and indulged in every satisfying and destructive sin that pleased his flesh. He enjoyed all the pleasures of this world, immoral sex, drugs, alcohol, and fast money but when he found himself locked up facing prison time he saw the […]

Man’s life hits rock bottom but then he finds God!

For many years, Minister James Scott Melton lived the good life. He lived in Sunny California, had plenty of money, and dined at the best restaurants, but things hit rock bottom in 2007, and he found himself broke and homeless. Scott was born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina but spent most of his life […]

Man overcomes his obstacles and becomes a success.

David Drieling is a living example that you can accomplish anything if you are determined.  God has blessed David to overcome in many areas of his life. It was five years ago that God began the most important change when he was saved David from a destructive life of sin.  Before he gave his life […]

Still here to Protect and Serve!

As a kid, I remember seeing police cars ride by with the motto “To Protect and Serve” on their side. These words were a reflection and constant reminder that police officers were dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the community and enforcing the law. Then police officers were heroes. They were honored for […]

Woman surrenders her life to Jesus and is transformed and delivered.

Submitted  by Tamara Cox I am 26 years old and was born in Livingston NJ but moved to Ga in 1994 so this is where I consider home. My parents moved to the states in 1981, got married and had my sister and me. They were married for a total of 15 years but there […]

Young adults show love to local policemen.

The many incidents of police brutality in America has severally strained relations between officers of the law and the communities they serve. Many in the public have a negative view of police because of the horrible actions of a few. This summer the young adult ministry Fusion at Victory world church embarked an unconventional type of outreach […]

Woman healed of severe back pain.

Submitted By Ellen Black My personal storm story involves dealing with physical and mental pain. For the past five years, I have been dealing with constant and severe back pain. I have undergone 15 procedures plus 2 major surgeries, the last of which was a spinal fusion surgery. Nothing worked and nothing took the pain away. […]

Black men not seen in the main stream media.

 Alfred Peters is a devoted husband, loving father, and engineer that plays a mean guitar. He is also a pastor and loves proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to all that will hear. Quincy Springs is a US military veteran, general manager at Wal-Mart, and in 2014 he read 30 books because he is […]

No longer consumed with anger.

Submitted By Charles Walker Circumstances in life have a way of making you bitter. Feelings of rejection, nonstop teasing from other kids, constant attacks on my character and the need to justify myself to others left me like a pressure cooker ready to explode. And on many occasions I did.  I used to see red! […]

Woman healed of thyroid diesease

Like the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible, Theresa Taylor was sick, didn’t know why, and was desperately seeking answers. She went to doctor after doctor to find help, but found none. Theresa only found healing when she gave up on the doctors and prayed to God. Theresa suffered from hyperthyroidism or […]

Man that read on 8th grade reading level becomes succesful author!

On two occasions, Damien Nash received very negative reports about his academic abilities, but despite what he was told, he chose to believe the report of the Lord. Born and raised in Decatur, Ga. Damien hasn’t always done well in school. He had problems reading but was able to make it through high school by […]